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Fast track your success in DS+MLE interviews with quality contents.

Case in Point

Get access to case problems posed in data science and MLE interviews at top companies. Learn how to ace questions such as “how would you segment Apple customers meaningfully?” and “how would you predict customer lifetime value (CLV) at Amazon?” The solutions include a candidate demonstration and interviewer’s solution. Topics covered are:

  1. Statistics
  2. Product-Sense (i.e. Metrics, AB Testing, Analytics)
  3. Machine Learning 

Mock Interviews

Watch 60-minute mock interviews based on technical rounds in top companies. The mock interviewers work at FAANGs, and interviewees are candidates preparing for interviews at top companies. 

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Never prep alone. Harness our Slack community to network with fellow interviewees and instructors who work in FAANG companies and prepare for interviews together.

Meet the Instructor

Learn from an instructor who landed roles in PayPal and Google.

Dan Lee

Data Scientist@Google (& Ex-PayPal)

Frustrated about data science and ML engineer interviews? As someone who had been a candidate myself, I share your frustration. That’s why I created – a one-stop shop for preparing for data science and ML engineer interviews. After working five years as a data scientists across three companies – Booz Allen Hamilton, PayPal and Google, I have curated top-notch interview content designed to accelerate your progress in interviews at top companies. Work with me and land your dream role =D